Call for paper to Thermal Medicine

The Journal of “Thermal Medicine” is the official Journal of the Japanese Society for Thermal Medicine (JSTM). The journal contents will include Original Papers, Short Reports,Technical Reports,  Case Reports, Reviews, and Letters to the Editor. Articles will be related to thermal sciences in the fields of medicine, biology, physics and medical engineering. The editors hope to publish papers of high quality and interest, so are requesting that authors avoid submitting extremely preliminary reports and manuscripts. When the submitted manuscripts require an extensive amount of editing for grammar and composition problems in English, they will be reviewed by scientists who are native English speakers. However, if extensive English editing and revisions are necessary, the costs must be borne by the authors. When submitting manuscripts to this Journal, it is expected that the authors will not simultaneously submit their manuscripts to other Journals.

(1) Address for submissions:

Please submit manuscripts to Dr. Akihisa Takahashi, Editor-in-Chief; Advanced Scientific Research Leaders Development Unit, Gunma University, 3-39-22 Showa-cho, Maebashi, Gunma 371-8511, Japan; Tel, +81-27-220-7917; Fax, +81-27-220-7919; e-mail, thermalmed(at)

(2) Application format :

Submitted manuscripts should use Word and Power Point formats, and should also be sent as their documents via e-mail. All manuscripts should contain: title; authors names without advanced degrees included (i.e. MD, PhD, etc); institute (complete institute name); institute address; key words (5 words or less); running title (40 letters or less); corresponding author with an address and e-mail address; abstract (300 words or less). The format of the papers should contain: introduction; materials and methods; results; discussion; acknowledgements; references; figures (and figure legends); and tables (and table legends). Cited papers should be indicated as a single number1) or multiple numbers1, 3-5) in superscripts. All lines should be double spaced. Chemical names should written using International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) notations. Biochemical terms and the names of enzymes should be written using International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) notation. When chemical and reagent names are listed, the complete names along with the manufacturing company’s name, city, and country (or state if the reagent is from the USA) should be written the first time a reagent is mentioned. Articles submitted to the journal should fit into one of the following categories: (A) Original Paper should be about 10 pages, including Figures and Tables, in their final printed form; (B)Short Report, Technical Report and Case Report should be about 5 printed pages in their final printed form (including figures and tables); (C) Review should be about 10 printed pages in their final printed form; (D) Letter to the Editor should be about 2 pages in their final printed form. References should use the formats shown below:

1) Takahashi A., Mori E., Ohnishi T.: Phospho-Nbs1 and Mre11 proteins which recognize DSBs co-localize with γH2AX in the nucleus after heat treatment. Ann Cancer Res Ther, 15: 50-53, 2007.
2) Takahashi A., Ohnishi T.: The scientific aspects of hyperthermic cancer therapy. Biotherapy, 20: 515-520, 2006. (Japanese).
3) Tamamoto T., Takahashi A., Ohnishi K., Ohnishi T.: Heat-induced growth inhibition and apoptosis in transplanted human tongue carcinomas with different p53 gene. “Advances in Hyperthermic Oncology 2000”. Ed. R.Tanaka, Kosoku Printing Co.Ltd., pp. 63-67, 2000.

(3) Reprints:

Reprints can be ordered upon acceptance of a paper. 50 reprints will be provided free of charge to the authors.

(4) The author submission of published papers to open access sites:

It is the policy of Thermal Medicine to acquire copyright for all articles. The copyrights of all articles belong to the Japanese Society for Thermal Medicine. In addition, the Japanese Society for Thermal Medicine approves the Authors to publicize the copies of all articles, which are published in Thermal Medicine and are released into the web of J-STAGE, on the web for personal use only. However, in that case, the Authors should specify the URLs for the web sites of J-STAGE or the Japanese Society for Thermal Medicine, the attribution of the copyrights, and the authorities. The formalities are not necessary if it is within the limit of the allowed conditions as described above.

(5) Correction or retraction of a published article:

If authors request a correction or retraction of a publishes article, the corresponding author of the article should obtain approval from all coauthors prior to submitting a request for a correction or retraction. The corresponding author should submit a written statement explaining the reason for a correction or retraction to the Editorial Office. The final decision for a correction or retraction will be made by the Editor-in-Chief. In the case of a correction or retraction of an article, the written statement explaining the reason, together with the bibliographical data of the article, will be published in the latest issue of our journal.

Vol. 23(3)-the last issue,

Thermal Medicine

Editor-in Super Adviser: TAKAHASHI, Akihisa (Gunma Univ.)

Editor-in-Chief: TOHNAI,Iwai(Yokohama City Univ.)

Editorial Board;

BABA, Hideo (KumamotoUniv.)KURODA, Masahiro (Okayama Univ.)
HARIMA, Yoko (Kansai Med. Univ.)KUWANO, Hiroyuki (Gunma Univ.)
HASEGAWA, Takeo (Louis Pasteur Center)MAEHARA, Yoshihiko (Kyushu Univ.)
HIRAKI, Yoshiyuki (Kagoshima Univ.) 
IMADA, Hajime (Tobatake Kyoritsu Hosp.)NISHIMURA, Yasumasa (Kindai Univ.)
ITOH, Youko (Shubun Univ.)OHTSUKA, Kenzo (Chubu Univ.)
KARASAWA, Katsuyuki (Komagome Hosp.)OOTSUKA, Takanobu (Nagoya City Univ.)
KATAYAMA, Kanji (Univ. Fukui)TANAKA, Yoshiaki (Kawasakisaiwai Hosp.)
KATO, Hirokazu( Okayama Univ.)TOHAI,Iwai (Yokohama City Univ.)
KATO, Kazuo (Meiji Univ.)YOSHIKAWA, Toshikazu (Kyoto Pref. Univ. Med.)
KONDO, Takashi (Univ. Toyama)

Head of Editorial Committee: TOHNAI,Iwai(Yokohama City Univ.)Editorial Committee:

Member of Editorial Committee:

AKIMOTO, Tetsuo (National Cancer Center East.)ASAO, Takayuki (Gunma Univ.)
HARIMA, Yoko (Kansai Med. Univ.)KATAYAMA, Kanji (Univ. Fukui)
KATO, Kazuo (Meiji Univ.)KOKURA, Satoshi (Kyoto Univ.of Advanced Science)
KURODA, Kagayaki(Tokai Univ.)KURODA, Masahiro (Okayama Univ.)
 TAKAHASHI,Takeo (Saitama Medical Center) 

Application address to Thermal Medicine:

e-mail, thermalmed (at)